Streamlined Operations can help streamline your marina operations. We offer dedicated smartphone and tablet webpages specifically intended to be used by your staff including forklift operator. Customer requests are electronically routed directly to the person(s) that will perform the job function. These same dedicated smartphone webpages allow the staff member or forklift operator to confirm the fulfillment of customer requests with one click or finger touch. offers innovative solutions for managing dock space. We offer a view to show all managed vessels and their current locations. In a glance you can see how many boats are in the water or on service racks. Know what your dock space will look like tomorrow by view the location feature and all of your scheduled events.
We have built in auditability. Always know who placed a request, which employee fulfilled the request, and when each request or fulfillment was handled. We offer reports by day, week, month or by individual customer.
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