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We have more than 30 years of combined IT development experience. We believe in sound IT solutions. We have experience in SEO, CRM application development, business intelligence, web development, database development and administration, server and infrastructure administration, network management and business IT consulting. We have extensive experience in the financial, insurance and technology industries.
We are a provider of custom software solutions with an emphasis on customer service. Enhancing customer service in any scenario is one of our core values. We believe that web enabled CRM applications are the key to improving online customer service through ease of use and electronic messaging in the digital age. While people are becoming harder to reach personally because of technology, quality marina software can bridge that gap and still produce results with a personal touch.
However, our mind is never far from the dock and we long to be offshore. As marina customers we appreciate and understand the industry and what kind of difference quality customer service can do for any business relationship. We have a passion for facilitating and enhancing quality customer service for ourselves, our customers, and to the customers that you serve.
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