Increased Revenue Generation

The fact of the matter is that every business can use more revenue. Keeping the prop turning can be a challenge. Industry research shows that more than 70% of marina revenue is generated from storage alone. What tolls do you have that can increase the remaining 30%? Plain and simple, our marina software platform can provide increased revenue generation. can create new revenue sources, thus allowing you independence from the traditional storage revenue model. When a customer makes a request to have their boat launched you can send an email to them asking if they would like fuel, bait, ice and drinks. Instead of giving that money to the gas station, bait shop or tackle store, those dollars are driven to your bottom line. With just one mouse click you can turn your receptionist into a sales associate.
Perhaps products are being sold at a good pace but your dockhands are slow during the day. Why not use our email marketer feature and send an email to all customers notifying them that there is a “Tuesday boat wash special for $20” and keep your staff busy, while pushing that revenue to your bottom line. Maybe some of your customers didn’t even know that you offered a boat wash service, they will now. Maybe your products are selling and your dockhands are busy. Why not use the sales features of to broker a local business service such as boat detailing and upsell to your customer. Other examples include boat brokering, mechanic services, winterization, trailer repair and concierge service. All are supported via the platform.
Once your customers know that there is a place that they can come to buy products and services from you online, they will be impressed with our integrated shopping cart feature. This allows for all the products and services you provide to be purchased and requested in a safe and convenient place with a familiar feel.
By linking your site to and our collection of sister sites your SEO profile with be enhanced. SEO is a serious popularity contest. The search engine algorithms rely on many factors but two of the key factors are content and popularity. While no one except the search engines knows exactly what their weights and measures are, one thing is certain. The more places you link your site to that have related content, the higher you will rank. The higher you rank the faster your target customers can find you. Then you can start your sales cycle with a new addition, marina software from
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