Immediate Return on Investment provides its partners with immediate return on investment. Our web based platform gives you the ability to sell your unique products and services as soon as today. The setup of products from your ship store takes seconds... not minutes or hours. These products can be sold online as soon as you configure them. Fuel sales can be set up in seconds... not minutes or hours and can be sold online as soon as you configure it. Other products or services such as detailing, boat brokering, or mechanic services take just seconds to set up and configure. This means you can use our marina software to start selling today! Not tomorrow or next week... today.
Your customers can begin to use the software immediately. Enter an email address for your boat owners and our marina software platform takes over from there. We will send them an email inviting them to join and when they do, we will guide them through the automated process every step of the way. No hard setup and no hard selling, simply an invite to join a wonderful service that their marina has provided to them for free.
You can begin to use our email marketer feature immediately. Here you can filter your customer base on attributes such as (but not limited to) the age of their vessel, length, motor horse power and number of motors. Maybe you want to send a mechanic special for lube and filter to all boats more than 10 years old. Simply enter your criteria in our intuitive screens and type a personal message if you desire. You can begin to sell products and services your customer never knew you offered.
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