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Our technology solutions can help you distance your business from the competition. Strenghten the bond with your customers through enhanced communication via FullServiceMarina.com. My grandfather has a saying... "if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten". This is why we decided to build this company. This is why we decided to deliver better goods and services to customers by leveraging current technology and communications. We believe there is a better way and can provide guidance down the path to better goods and services. As avid boat owners, we have experienced the disappointment of unfulfilled services. As a marina partner, we have identified challenges and goals to produce the following quality results...
  • Technology enhanced realtime communications between your business and your customers
  • Built in audit capability
  • Flexibility to manage your business on the go
  • Increase profitability by utilizing new revenue streams
Experiences as avid boat owners, and as a marina partner has provided valuable insight to both perspectives. We understand your challenges and are committed to providing intelligent solutions to the marina industry. Our goal is to provide quality software delivered via the web, tablet, smartphone, and in person. You never know, we might even pick up a wrench or carry a battery for you when you need.


We are die hard fishermen at heart. Boating and fishing is in our blood. Having a boat on or near the water is a necessity. After taking the plunge into serious boating (and trailering for awhile)... we signed up for a marina. We wanted to take the worry out of boating as much as possible. We were looking to maximize our time on the water... just like your customers. This is an escape for us, our pleasure time. We both have grown up around boating and fishing, and have been on or around the water our whole lives. We've tested the waters of Southeast Florida, West Florida, New England, Michigan, Alaska, Georgia... even the Bahamas and Mexico. We are committed to our families, our customers, and America.


The team at FullServiceMarina.com has decades of experience in the technology industry. We draw our experiences from banking, finance, real estate, telecommunications, food service and manufacturing. We are experienced in delivering quality web based solutions with an eye for detail and focus on the user experience.
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